“Verily, all things have We created in proportion and measure.”  –Sorah Al-Qamar (49 ).

I strongly believe in the statement that all things are precisely created and controlled, and then can be formulated as a set of equations. In a world, which moves at the click of a mouse, the best blessing one could be bestowed with is the understanding of computer systems. I have been among the privileged few who have jumped into this endeavor. For me, a Computer is the central nervous system of the modern world.

My interest in Engineering dates back to my years in high school, where I excelled in Mathematics; the field which gave me the initial boost to comprehend the logic behind every discovered and undiscovered thing in life. I am always curious about everything, and taking courses simply cannot satisfy my curiosity. Thus, during that, I seized every opportunity to explore further knowledge. I believe that excellence in any circle of life can be achieved through hard work, dedication and perseverance.


At Wolfram Science Summer School in my project presentation

At Wolfram Science Summer School talk about An Investigation of the Relation Between Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Elementary Cellular Automata